Plan, Shoot, & Run Your next Campaign

Founders Collab

A Founders Collab brings complimentary brands together to showcase their offer and increase visibility & online sales.


1) Meet other founders and photoshoot team

2) Templatize your marketing campaign during the workshop

3) Showcase your signature service or product at the shoot

4) Run a marketing campaign with beautiful graphics, deal-closing testimonials & support from other founders


  • An opportunity to trade your signature service or product with at least one other founder
  • An opportunity to give & receive a deal-closing testimonial
  • An in-studio or on-location session
  • A workshop & strategy call to plan campaign and photoshoot logistics
  • 20 Digital Downloads
  • Free access to b-roll from the shoot


How do I know if this is right for me?

The shoot is an event in itself which has its own marketing campaign. So the real question for you is what do you want to ask of your audience? The influx of views your business receives should funnel potential clients to a specific action like:

  • Purchase a new product or service
  • Download a lead magnet
  • Signup for a webinar or event
  • Build trust with evidence that you can deliver

We help founders develop funnels and campaigns during the workshop.

Do I have to trade services or products for free?

We encourage founders to trade services or products to create awesome testimonials. However, you are not required to work with every other founder at a shoot. The idea is that founders can make equitable trades, which should not always mean “free.”

What is a deal-closing testimonial?

We’ve all wondered how to get testimonials that build trust and land more clients & customers. During the workshop, you’ll develop a testimonial questionnaire to solve this problem.

How many founders are at a shoot?

We try to keep groups limited to 3-5 founders.

Will this help my social reach?

With hashtags and photo tags, you get to teach algorithms your brand is relevant to a larger audience. Mainly, the audiences of your collaborators. This cross-pollinates audiences, increasing your reach to users that wouldn’t normally stumble across your content.

How long is the photoshoot?

Depending on group size, a session can be 3-5 hours. For sessions longer than 4 hours, food is provided.

How much does a Founders Collab shoot cost?

The price a founder pays for a shoot largely depends on a few factors: the number of founders, duration & location of photoshoot. On average, pricing starts at ~$600.

Can I download more photos?

Definitely! When you select photos, there are options to purchase additional Digital Downloads. Each Digital Download is a retouched photo that comes is three web sizes: small, medium & large. High resolution addons are available as well.

How can I use these photos?

All photos from a Founders Collab come with commercial licensing, meaning your company can use these photos for marketing and advertising. You can also edit photos to match your brand’s aesthetic. We know this is not standard practice in the photography world, but at Blessing Effect, we believe brands should have creative freedom.

Want to Join a Collab Shoot?

Drop me a line with the contact form below. I’ll reach out with more details like available dates & other founders looking for a collab.